Hematology Division


Hematology Division

Examples of hematologic diseases that can be successfully treated include:

  • Anemia
  • Hemolysis
  • Membrane defects
  • Hemoglobin abnormalities
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Polycythemia
  • Coagulation disorders
  • Lymphatic system Tumors
  • Plasma cell dyscrasias

The Department of Hematology serves as a center for the diagnosis and treatment of all blood diseases, such as malignant blood diseases, lymphoma, leukemia, spinal cord diseases, blood clotting, hereditary diseases, Hodgkin’s disease, platelet disease, Mello-dysplastic syndrome (MDS), and other spinal disorders.

Also, benign blood diseases such as blood clots, bleeding and disorders, congenital anemia such as Thalassemia and Anemia, as well as all types of acquired anemia, including Aesthetic anemia.

The department has physicians who can implement the most innovative therapies including drugs, stem cell transplantation and advanced diagnostic methods. These methods use molecular and immune biology, which allows for a very accurate diagnosis. Initial counseling is offered at the outpatient clinic, and then treatment is provided either by staying in the department or through a daily treatment program.

This section is concerned with the causes of the disease so that it can be treated. For example, in the case of Anemia, if the cause of Anemia is a chronic loss of the digestive system (tumor or hemorrhoids), the patient should be referred to the tumor and hemorrhoids specialist. If the problem is due to the inability to absorb iron, then the cause of the malabsorption should be treated. In some patient cases, treatment can be referred to surgical interventions, such as splenectomy if it is the cause of the destruction of red blood cells. Also, there are hereditary diseases, such as Membrane defects, which are treated by the The enzymatic healing (inserting the missing or defective protein in patients).

It is very important in the Department of Hematology to study each case individually and accurately to provide the best treatment for our patients

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