Orthopedic Complex


Orthopedic Complex

The large part of the population is affected by diseases or injuries to bones, muscles, tendons and joints. This occurs at all ages, causing pain and limiting movement, often requiring a change in lifestyle. In addition sports accidents and injuries, inflammation and degeneration of joints and cancerous diseases can affect a variety of patients, from children to the elderly. All surgical problems involving structures in the upper limbs, including bones, joints, muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels and skin are also dealt with. Our goal is to help applicants improve their daily function, reduce pain and allow them a comfortable life through proper diagnosis, physical therapy, medications, injections and surgical procedures to solve problems.

The department treats various conditions of bone diseases:

  • Hyperkalemia.
  • Hypocalcemia.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Osteomalacia.
  • Renal Osteodystrophy.
  • Paget disease.
  •  Osteonecrosis.
  •  Osteomyelitis.
  •  Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy.

The bone center is divided into the following units:

Foot and ankle unit: Foot-related diseases such as flat foot, ankle fracture, heels or palm of the foot, inflammation of the limbs, halos, palms, hammer fingers, toes, rivets and more are dealt with.

Laparoscopic Joint Surgery: The majority of patients who come to the unit for treatment suffer from severe injuries or trauma caused by overuse of the knee, as well as other joint injuries including ankle, shoulder and elbow.

Spine Surgery: Back pain is common and often requires surgery to treat it, including the fixation of the spine. We deal with a wide range of back problems in cooperation with the Department of Neurosurgery and other faculties.

Back problems include pressure on the spinal cord, muscular rupture, discoloration, torsion, spinal canal stenosis, osteoporosis fractures treated using skin transplantation techniques, spinal deformity (scoliosis, hemangiomas- which usually appear during childhood) and other related diseases. As in all skeletal systems, the spine can be exposed to trauma and tumor growth, which is treated by tumor removal.

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery: The unit deals with various types of problems – congenital defects, development problems or traumatic injuries to children, continuous change in the size and shape of structural and musculoskeletal systems. Often children require a special treatment and are completely different from those that are treated with adults.

Hand and Microvascular Unit: The unit is specialized in both hand and micro-vascular surgery, as well as in any orthopedic surgery or plastic surgery, whether in outpatient clinics or staying in the hospital. The unit relies on the use of the most advanced surgical techniques available in the world to treat fractures, nerve and tendon injuries, congenital malformations, degenerative or chronic diseases and extensive trauma. It also works continuously in major microvascular procedures (using an operational microscope), including re-implantation (from fingers, hands, arms and amputations) and tissue transfer.

Joint and hip replacement: In recent years, joint and hip replacements have become remarkably common thanks to technological and biological advances, which have restored the ability of patients to normalize their lives and reduced mortality from these diseases.

Orthopedic Surgery using Alzarov Technique: Extended Limb Unit and Complex Reconstruction – The Unit specializes in limb stretching and correction of deformity for both adults and children. We offer opportunities for individuals who have not previously had treatment alternatives. Patients are often treated in collaboration with other units of the Department.

Bone Tumor Unit: This unit diagnoses and treats benign and malignant tumors of the skeletal soft tissues of the limbs, as well as diagnosis of skeletal genetic diseases. The goal of the unit is to avoid surgery of the limbs wherever possible.

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