Department of Plastic surgery


Department of Plastic surgery

The plastic surgery department treats various congenital and acquired defects, performed by specialized physicians using high techniques.The plastic surgery department is concerned with all types of treatments related to plastic surgery:

  • The treatment of all levels of burns from 1st degree to skin transplant.
  • The treatment of different skin tumors.
  • Treatment using the most advanced nursing materials, and the use of VAC technology to aid chronic wounds and bedsores.
  • Treatment and follow up on the diabetic foot.
  • Replenishments of a various group of congenital and acquired defects.
  • Surgery for cleft-lip palates, especially for children.
  • Skull congenital issues for children caused by premature closure.
  • Organ rebuilding – rebuilding female breasts after eradication or sized reduction of very large breasts.
  • Fixing unequal breasts, and other congenital and acquired breast problems.
  • Restoring body shape after being subjected to injury (road accidents, work injuries, fighting, etc.).
  • The restoration of deformed scars following trauma or previous surgical operations, bipolar release.
  • Closure of wounds after work injuries, car accidents or surgical operations.
  • Breast enlargement, lifting or reduction in females.
  • Male breast reduction.
  • Liposuction and tummy tuck. 
  • Plastic surgery of nose, ears, eyelids and the tightening of facial complexion.

In general, the treatment of the above-mentioned deformities requires performing complex surgical operations which combines knowledge and experience with various surgical techniques, such as: microscopic surgery, adjacent tissue expansion to reconstruct lost or damaged tissue, bone reconstruction by adjacent bone sprawl, cartilage and bone transplantation, and many other things.

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