Our Mission


Our Mission

The patient of our time no longer accepts the facts of the disease as it is, and he is usually interested in the appropriate scientific information to understand what is happening inside his body.

From our understanding of this basic assumption, we at InterMedExpert in Israel have been working for the past 10 years with leading medical professionals, many of whom offer unique treatments at Israel’s largest internationally recognized hospitals, as well as their great and strong global recognition of ongoing scientific research.

We provide InterMedExpert patients with the finest medical facilities, doctors, tests and treatment in Israel, while keeping the therapeutic stay simple, clear and as free of anxiety as possible.

The outstanding field of medicine in Israel is widely known for its expertise and progress in the various fields of medicine. Modern technologies are used to explore innovative solutions to achieve positive and unique outcomes for patients, including complex treatments and procedures that are not available in other countries and are accessible in Israel at reasonable prices.

We have extensive knowledge in the field of medical tourism. We work closely with patients to ensure care and coordination at each stage of your visit. Our location is simple and straightforward, as well as explanations of medical terminology that are not common among the general public.

We hope to make your experience with us as comfortable and secure as possible and to meet the highest standards of medical tourism service.

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